Ogden, Utah - Custom-Built Package

Ogden, Utah Resort/Backcountry Trip:
"Custom-Built Package"
- splitboard, telemark, AT
- January 15- April 12 (pick your dates)
- Email for interest: jt@thevigroup.org

Ogden, Utah:
Vertical Integration will build a custom resort and backcountry trip for your group to Ogden, Utah in V.I.'s Custom-Built Packages. A once sleepy Ogden after the historical railroad boom days has since woken up to the buzz of the Outdoor Industry moving to Ogden with companies like Salomon, Osprey, Atomic, Arcteryx, and Suunto all coming to town. The word is out that the Ogden Wasatch Mountains are a destination all their own. Snowbasin is world-class, and Powder Mountain is down-to-earth for two distinct resort flavors. Also, a tour in the Ogden backcountry is a classic and relatively quiet Wasatch Mountains experience. Vertical Integration is headquartered in Ogden, and the Ogden Wasatch Range is V.I.'s backyard. No one does it better, and V.I. can build a packaged program to do Ogden's resorts and backcountry the right way. V.I. co-founder, J.T. Robinson, is the trip host and a backcountry guide. 

Who is J.T. Robinson?
 J.T. went to college at Ogden's Weber State University, and graduated with a degree in finance. He went straight into a career as a professional backcountry telemark skier based in Ogden for a decade. J.T. co-founded Vertical Integration in Ogden, and is a backcountry ski guide with more Ogden terrain than anyone else. J.T. has worked in the Ogden Wasatch Mountains for nearly twenty years and is the ideal host and backcountry guide to experience the hidden gem that is Ogden, Utah.

Lodging accommodations can be arranged at a local bed & breakfast or condo up in the more serene Ogden Valley, or there is also the downtown Ogden City hotel/loft option with all the bars, shops, and restaurants of Ogden City. Each are well situated to Powder Mountain, Snowbasin, and Ogden's various backcountry touring trailheads. 

Lift tickets & Backcountry Access:
Lift tickets for Snowbasin, Powder Mountain, and guided Ogden backcountry ski touring are part of the package that V.I. can put together for your trip. Resort days are self-guided, but the host will have plenty of advice to make the best of your day at Snowbasin or Powder Mountain.    

Rental cars and trucks are available with various companies from Salt Lake City International Airport. There is also a good public transit system that with some planning can allow for a vehicle-free Ogden ski trip! It's a unique way to do Ogden, and can also help reduce the trip's cost. Ask about a vehicle-free Ogden ski trip if that interests you!

Ogden is rich in a variety of food all across the spectrum. Different lodge options include a variety of breakfast deals. Lunch and dinner is NOT included in the package prices.

All in all, this Ogden trip is the best way to experience Ogden, Utah's Wasatch Mountains and the Greatest Snow on Earth at local resorts, and in the backcountry as well. Vertical Integration was built in Ogden, and we have a program that does Ogden right. The Ogden mountains are J.T. Robinson's backyard for nearly twenty years, and he works to keep everything organized, provides local resort knowledge, and guides your backcountry touring days. He'll even make ya dinner reservations! Reach out to inquire about having your Ogden trip package built today by sending an email to trip host, J.T. Robinson, at:  jt@thevigroup.org

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