Resort & Backcountry Trips

Vertical Integration has travelled the globe making content for over a decade. Over the years when conversations would strike up about these places V.I. had been to and the folks befreinded, responses from all kinds of people emerged that they too would love to go on a trip like that. As such, V.I. is doing just that. Showing new friends awesome places is what it is all about. V.I. offers trips for this coming winter to share experiences with more people. Folks with intermediate to expert level riding and touring abilities will all enjoy the same ski resorts and backcountry touring areas that V.I. has come to know and love in places like Japan, Utah, the U.P. of Michigan, Norway, Alaska and more. Utah is our home and we're super dialed in Utah's Wasatch and Uinta mountain ranges, but the sky is the limit. V.I. has worked a lot of places and met a lot of really great people and guides. Trip packages are accessible to all snowsports enthusiasts, because in today's world friends ride splitboards, telemark, and AT skis together. The lineup will also have some Telemark-Only trips that hit historical telemark destinations, telemark festivals, etc. So stay tuned here for trip packages, locations, and dates as more trip packages come online.