About V.I.

Vertical Integration began as co-operative effort on behalf of a group of athletes, photographers, writers, and filmers and has become the company that we are now. The original co-founders figured out to organize resources, efforts, and networks to maximize our potential to create content. For nearly a decade V.I. has been supplying a myriad of content to many movie companies, publications, and websites. V.I. has realized growth through teamwork, networks, and industry relationships with media partners and manufacturers. Out of these ideas, Vertical Integration expanded on content creation. Recently, V.I. has grown to include backcountry and resort trip packages around the globe to destinations V.I. has come to love over the years creating content. The decade long expertise built making content in mountains around the world has made V.I. very well positioned in many classic destinations to offer unique and enjoyable resort and backcountry touring and travel experiences to the public.